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Voro encourages its agents to be entrepreneurs and offers best-in-class tools and resources to help them grow their businesses and generate income in the real estate industry, with the goal of building wealth through their platform.


Being independent means having the ability to make decisions and act on them without being influenced or controlled by a large corporation. Agents at Voro have autonomy, and self-determination to explore creativity. Voro allows for greater financial independence, flexibility, and responsiveness to market conditions.


Voro’s Research Department offers agents data sources, analysis tools, and information platforms that provide insights into the real estate market, including real-time data and analytics on property values, sales and rental trends, demographic information, and market reports. These resources help real estate professionals identify new opportunities and stay ahead of the competition.

Financial Freedom

Voro provides flexibility to pursue goals without financial constraints. Our platform helps agents achieve profitability, stability, and long-term growth through strategic planning and investment in growth opportunities.


Our Voro community shares a common interest, purpose, and goal. Through our shared values of ethics, sustainability, innovation, social responsibility, customer focus, and best in class quality, our agents are a part of a strong and unified corporate culture. By establishing and consistently adhering to our values, Voro agents create strong long-lasting relationships built on trust and credibility with clients.


Voro agents can achieve both business and personal growth through expanding into new markets, improving skills and knowledge, building relationships, and overcoming personal challenges. Voro encourages agents to focus on personal growth, skills improvement, and well-being, to lead fulfilling lives.

Our Team

Daniel Shamooil
Founder & CEO
Mark Neuman
VP, Business Development
Samantha Singh
Operations Manager
Jennifer Schultheis
Violations Specialist
Tom Karras
Broker of Record, Texas & California
Theodore Gounaris
Broker of Record, New York
Daniel Flynn
VP, Investment Sales Triple Net Specialist
Michelle Dong
Talent Acquisition Specialist
Jennifer Carlisle
Agent Success Manager
Windy Alumbres
Carmina Salud
Transaction Coordinator
Arriane Dahanog
Executive Assistant
Aby Espineda
Agent Support
Margot Salud
Marketing Director
Aina Dahonog
On/Off Boarding Coordinator