Voro Teams empowers agents to start or join an existing team on our Voro platform. Agents flourish with better compensation, superior resources, referral networks, business development opportunities, and become a part of their communities.

Get Started

Stay On Top of Leads Build a Website Voro Referral Network Plan Your Marketing Organize Your Finances Think Through Professional Goals Craft Your Business Strategy Launch Campaigns Form an LLC Conduct In-Depth Research Think Through Professional Goals Conduct In-Depth Research Organize Your Finances Craft Your Business Strategy Form an LLC Plan Your Marketing Build a Website Launch Campaigns Stay On Top of Leads Voro Referral Network

Build your own business

Owning a real estate company is no easy feat. Just like starting a business in any other industry, Voro crafts a meticulous business plan for your team, giving guidance, and helping agents open the doors.

Market your brand

Voro tailors a branding strategy so that teams communicate their mission, vision, and values to a target audience.
Our marketing team develops the core components of your team brand, empowering you to stand out from the competition and increase sales.

Teams can set commission structures

Team founders can set commission structures for their members. Thus providing financial flexibility to grow their business and increase their earning potential.

Voro handles your back office operations and lets you grow your business

Voro’s back office enables agents to manage and organize their needs for smooth operations. Handling admin tasks requires a lot of time and effort. No agent has enough time to take these back-office tasks when core functions require your attention. So what can you do in this scenario? The answer is simple!

Voro will act as your project lead, account officer, marketer, and anything you want to look after your in-house operations.