Brand Assets

The elements of our brand's visual identity


“VORO” is one word, spelled with all capital letters. VORO stands for Virtual Online Realty Office.


VORO red and black are the two main colors used.


RGB: 208 44 48
HEX: #d02c30
CMYK: 12 97 91 3
PMS: 711 C


Occasionally the V symbol can be used in marketing materials, to represent VORO.

Symbol Color

The V symbol can be shown on a solid colored background, similar to the following:


The Montserrat font family is the main font style used for headlines and body text in print and web. When very small font is required, Open Sans font family is utilized. Both are free and available at Google Fonts.


Our grid with V intersections has become a popular asset in our marketing materials. This should only be used on solid colored backgrounds, that are typically used by VORO.


You can download all logo and texture assets via the link below. Please do not alter any VORO logo.

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