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VORO Real Estate Releases the First Ever NFTs for Real Estate Agents & Consumers to Further Expand

VORO Real Estate, in collaboration with & BeyondFOMO, plans to sell 10,000 data-driven non-fungible tokens (NFTs), the first ever Real Estate Brokerage NFT collection to date, to celebrate over 10 years’ milestone and the continuation of our national expansion.

A portion of the NFTs will be digitally watermarked to commemorate the national expansion of VORO, highlighting major cities and landmarks along with random traits of each unique minted agent. These digital collectibles will be sold directly by VORO, using the Ethereum blockchain at
“This is our time to shine! I started VORO in 2011 with the idea of going virtual. For 10 years, VORO has been focused on building our core subscription-based Brokerage, refining our internal processes and strengthening our leadership team. Meanwhile we have successfully grown to almost 1,000 agents across 7 states making VORO one of the fastest growing Virtual Online Realty Offices. Unlike your traditional brokerage, we have the ability to fully utilize NFTs and blockchain technology to its full potential. We are going to shock the entire real estate industry in 2022!” – Daniel Shamooil, Founder & CEO
What is an NFT?
Non-Fungible Tokens, also known as NFTs, are digital assets verified by blockchain technology that can take the shape of anything. It’s simple; you can buy, sell, trade or simply keep your NFTs as a collector’s piece, a sentimental value or a monetary value, just like we used to trade, sell or keep baseball and basketball cards as children, teenagers or adults.
What Do These NFTs Do?
Licensed Real Estate Brokers & Agents:
Ready to keep 100% of your commission?! Each NFT held by a licensed real estate broker and/or agent will get a full year 100% commission subscription plan at VORO (85% Promotional Discount), access to VORORewards and more exciting perks to be announced throughout the campaign. We are also in the process of developing our own iOS & Android App to send NFT holders priority leads and access to truly amazing, first-to-market services.
Don’t Have a License?
Many of the randomly generated NFTs will provide non-licensed individuals a truly unique utility such as;
Free pre-licensing courses to become an agent
Sell your home with VORO for free
Buy a home with VORO and receive a rebate
Real estate investors get a huge discount on hard money loans
Earn discounts from VORO’s network of preferred vendors
Higher affiliate commission rates
Plus many more to be announced!
“We’ve all seen NFTs sell for hundreds, if not millions of dollars. But at the end of the day a majority of them do not offer a ‘real world’ use case. I’m truly excited to watch the entire Real Estate industry evolve by utilizing NFTs and blockchain technology. This unique NFT campaign is just the very start with VORO! Every licensed Real Estate Broker and agent should jump on this opportunity, it comes once in a lifetime. Who wouldn’t want to keep 100% of their hard-earned commission and own a piece of history?! All eyes will be on VORO in 2022.” – Jason Berlin, CTO
The NFTs will be available for sale early 2022 directly on Visit today to learn more, get on our whitelist and be the first to know.
About VORO Real Estate
VORO is a growing, agent-driven national brand committed to disrupting the traditional real estate brokerage model. As one of the earliest 100% commission real estate brokerages, VORO (Virtual Online Realty Office) has the experience, structure, and leadership for agents and brokers to succeed now and into the future. The virtual office model allows agents the convenience to work where they want, allowing them to focus on efficiency.
VORO is made up of 1,000+ agents and is growing rapidly, recruiting agents at all different skill levels and career stages. New agents are able to obtain licensing through VORO, and training and development opportunities are abundant and available for all agents. The brokerage expanded nationally in 2019 and is now licensed in seven states (New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Florida, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and Georgia), with licenses pending in nine additional states (Alabama, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Mississippi, Oklahoma, West Virginia, and Texas).
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Daniel Shamooil
VORO Real Estate

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